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Power-packed Prophetic Services with Emmanuel Makandiwa

In today’s world, people face different challenges and experiences, leaving each and every individual with different questions that are related to their situation. Though there are so many sources of information in the modern day world, there are some questions that cannot be answered by man’s understanding, leaving most people with no option but crying out to God for solutions. But as July gave in to August, God reached out to His people in UFIC through His mouthpiece; Emmanuel Makandiwa and thousands of people were left with an unforgettable prophetic experience.

Emmanuel Makandiwa’s prophetic ministry has proven beyond any reason of doubt that The Prophetic and Prophecy is not only found in the Bible – God is still speaking in this day and age.

On the 29th of July 2018, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa prophesied to over a hundred individuals in one service, giving each and every one of them pin-point, accurate prophecy. One of the outstanding things from this prophetic service is how the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa would move in the auditorium and deliver profound prophecy to one individual and then move to the next person and deliver another prophecy, different from the previous one and the same to over a hundred people.

The joy that came from the people who received their prophecy was a sure sign that God was speaking to them and they were waiting for this particular word in their lives.

The Prophetic unction continued into the following Sunday, 5th of August 2018. Before he delved into prophesying to the individuals that were present in the service, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa started by delivering a profound teaching on the importance of Understanding The Times.

“It is important to put value on the written word of God because is the most sure word of Prophecy. We prophesy, we stand and we see from the written word of God.” Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa said.

Using 1st Chronicles chapter 12 and Genesis chapter 49 as his main scriptural reference, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa explained how God can give an individual an anointing to be able to discern and understand Time that enables them to know exactly what to do and how to do it.

After giving the profound teaching, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa began to articulate God’s mind to individuals, couples and families; prophetically addressing their different cases, one after the other.

“The word of God is no longer with God but with His people. Prophets are there to amplify and interpret the voice of God!” Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa declared during the prophetic service.

Emphasizing on the importance of the Prophetic, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa said,“If you ignore the Prophetic, you will live a life of feeling that God is speaking by you won’t be able to get what He will be saying”

Surely, the Bible is being brought to life through the Prophetic Ministry of Emmanuel Makandiwa and God is still speaking in the lives of His people through His Prophet; Emmanuel Makandiwa.

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