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#CelebratingLovePersonified Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa – A Mother Unto Nations

A special day it is, where we join our Beloved Mother; Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa in celebrating the beautiful day she was introduced on this Earth. More than just a birthday, it is a momentous occasion where thousands of people celebrate a woman whom God ordained to be a fountain of hope, peace and joy not only to communities but also to nations.

Her life is a great testimony of God’s love; a heart so pure and compassionate towards people, most importantly the less privileged and the marginalized.

Through her heartfelt and selfless works of philanthropy, she has brought smiles to the faces of thousands of widows. She has become a loving Mother to thousands of orphaned children. She has become a beam of hope to thousands of less privileged people in different communities.

Actively involved in ministry, in the office of a Prophetess and a Teacher, she has become a Mentor and a Teacher to thousands of young girls and women all over the world.

The love and light of God shines through her and it has transformed thousands upon thousands of people all over the world – a Mother Unto Nations.

In celebrating Mom Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa’s birthday, we will be looking at some of the outstanding works of charity she has been doing in communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Considering the adverse effects of the global pandemic since it began early last year, the less privileged in communities all over Zimbabwe were left more vulnerable to starvation as they did not have means of fending for themselves due to the lockdown restrictions.

(Agape Family Care Donations During The COVID-19 Pandemic)

Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa has been sharing the love of God with the less privileged through various food and aid donations, reminding them that even in the hardest of times, God still loves them and they are special in the eyes of God.

(Agape Family Care Donations During The COVID-19 Pandemic)

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