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#CelebratingLovePersonified Ruth Makandiwa Birthday Celebrations in Bulawayo

Bulawayo appreciated the honour of celebrating Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa’s birthday on the 4th of September 2021 through replicating her charitable nature and reaching out to the elderly.

The target assessment identified Entembeni Old People’s Home in the Luveve high density suburb of Bulawayo as suitable beneficiary of this act of love and generosity on this auspicious day. Entembeni Old people’s home houses about 39 elderly people excluding staff and they were all present for the donation handover with all the COVID rules and protocols being strictly observed.

The donation had: 39 Single mattresses, mealie meal, sugar, hygiene buckets, plates, cups, laundry soap and washing basin. The donation was well received by a happy and jovial family of elders who expressed their joy when they were given an opportunity to express themselves.

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