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#CelebratingOurMom Ruth Makandiwa Restoring Sight Through Love

The reflection of light by non-luminous objects into our eyes helps us to have a better understanding of our surroundings. Though there are some animals that have better eye structure and a wider visual spectrum for example the eagle, the human eye is of great importance because the God-given sense of sight can only function optimally through its sophisticated design but in some cases, old age comes with the weakening of the eyes, hence negatively affecting the day-to-day lives of the elderly.

These elderly had one of their senses, which is of paramount importance, fading due to cataracts and it was worsened by the fact that they could not do anything to undo it.

Moved by the love of God; Ruth Makandiwa launched a free eye-screening medical outreach that would help elderly people living in the rural areas where they cannot access proper medical care – Operation: Restore Sight.

In August 2012, Ruth Makandiwa sent a team of 18 medical doctors and nurses from UFIC’s Medical Department and the Agape Family Care to launch the first Operation Restore Sight at St Alberts Mission Hospital in Centenary. The medical team attended to 348 patients and out of these, they operated on 103 patients out of the 103 patients that were operated on, 53 were totally blind while the other 50 had lost vision in one eye.

All the eye operations that were done were 100% successful.


was then held at the Birchenough Bridge Hospital from the 10th to the 12th of December 2015 in Buhera South, Manicaland Province, Zimbabwe. A total of 98 patients had eye cataract operations for free and all of the operations were 100% successful. All of the bills –that were estimated at $500 000.00 USD- were covered by the Agape Family Care under the Patronage of Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa and also they had their own team of optometrists and doctors that attended to the patients. On top of that, they were also given food hampers and clothes.

These free eye operations did not only restore the sight that the people had lost, it also relieved the heavy burden that these elderly people had to endure on a daily basis and in some cases, it almost costed them their lives.

“One day I almost got bitten with a snake because I thought it was firewood; I couldn’t see properly. I only realized that it was a snake after I had retracted my hand and the snake started hissing, moving away and I believe it was God who protected me that day, ”one elderly woman who is a beneficiary of this program narrated her sad story, “ and I thank God for this help that I received today.”

Their lives were transformed but the abundant love of God that flows from the woman of God; Ruth Makandiwa.

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