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DRAWN TO THE LIGHT – Tens of Thousands Throng the Basilica for Sunday Service with Emmanuel Makandiwa

Tens of thousands of people thronged the UFIC Basilica on the 21st of January 2024 for the Sunday Service with Emmanuel Makandiwa.

By the time the Man of God, Emmanuel Makandiwa took to the podium, both the main auditorium and the overflow tents were full to capacity, and there was a huge crowd of people outside of the overflow tents, waiting to hear the Man of God teaching and also to see the supernatural power of God at work through the hands of Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Jesus Did Not Only Teach

In his opening remarks, the Man of God Emmanuel Makandiwa led the huge congregation to read a scripture from the book of Acts chapter 2vs 22, and from chapter 1 vs 1, which highlights how Jesus’ ministry was approved by miracles, signs and wonders, and things that Jesus did and teach. And from this, the man of God highlighted Jesus did not only teach; there are also supernatural things that He did.

“The kingdom of God is not only in word. Things are done and things are explained. We teach and we do.” Emmanuel Makandiwa said.

“Things that God will do today, are things that can be written in books.”

And indeed, the move of the power of God in that service was for the records.

The Move of God

After sharing a few powerful nuggets on deliverance, the Man of God started ministering to the masses. The first case he addressed was the Spirit of Misfortune; demonic programs that make people miss opportunities and work against their success.

 “Forget where you are today. This can never be compared to the glory to come. Your place in your tomorrow is bigger than this!” he declared.

“I saw you in the middle of darkness, but you were shining.”

An atmosphere of liberty and deliverance was set all over the place as people were rescued from demonic systems and programs and they were exposed to the blessings of God.

“See beyond your deliverance. See yourself walking in power!” He declared.

In a display of awe-striking supernatural ability, the Man of God Emmanuel Makandiwa ministered the power of God to the masses. As he moved, isle by isle, an atmosphere for the supernatural was triggered and the people were touched by the Divine. He moved to every area in the auditorium, the overflow tents and he even ministered to the huge crowd that was behind the overflow tents.

Just as he had mentioned that he was going to address different cases and even difficult cases, people with various conditions were healed as the Man of God ministered. People were delivered from demonic oppressions and demonic curses.

When he had finished moving around in the audience, the Man of God called out for people who wanted the fruit of the womb for the longest time; people who had been married but with no children, and hundreds of people came out. The man of God ministered to them and broke the curse of barrenness.

Those Who Want to See

The Man of God, Emmanuel Makandiwa concluded the service by ministering a special anointing; a prophetic eye for people to see things concerning their own personal lives.

“It will overpower your physical eyes. It will overpower your mind. It will overpower your soul and you will know what is about to happen to you.” He declared.

Emphasizing on the importance of this divine ability to see for every Believer, he moved around the auditorium ministering to people, and many fell asleep, under the influence of the power of God. People who were wide awake found themselves suddenly dosing off as soon as they were touched by the power of God.

“It is a gift given to the entire body (of Christ), for all of us see even problems before they occur.”

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