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Emmanuel Makandiwa Applauds Ruth Makandiwa For Successfully Hosting the Ladies Camp Meeting

During the UFIC Sunday Service on the 1st of October 2023, Emmanuel Makandiwa applauded the Ladies Ministry for hosting a successful Ladies Camp Meeting which was held from the 25th to the 30th of September at the UFIC Chinhoyi Prayer Mountain under the theme; Against All Odds.

“Thank you, Woman of God, for such an amazing conference.” Emmanuel Makandiwa said as he appreciated the work that Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa did during the conference.

Highlighting how it is not an easy task for a leader to have such a huge number of people in one place for a number of days, he said, “Such an amazing anointing that is upon her life is worth celebrating. We really want to appreciate God for that.”

“She speaks out of her life. She is a person who is good at practicing what she preaches.”

The man of God opened the floor to the ladies who attended the Camp Meeting to share on what they learnt, and from that feedback, it was clear that the conference impacted and transformed the lives of thousands of women.

“What else can we ask for as men – if our women are being given that kind of knowledge and information. We owe you our lives.” He said.

He also took time to thank all those who served and participated in the successful running of the conference.

“Thank you to all that supported; the different departments and your services and your commitment for this conference to be a success.” “What is going to follow are series of testimonies!”

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