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Emmanuel Makandiwa Condemns Child Abuse

Parent-to-Child bonding is very important, mostly for the child as it is a defining factor in their growth, maturity and ultimately who they turn out to be in life when they grow up.

It is also very important when it comes to their protection because they are at a stage of life where they are vulnerable to a lot of dangers… and one of them being Abuse.

In analyzing the devastating effect of child abuse, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa took time to explain on the importance of parental protection in the lives of young children and strongly condemned child abuse during the UFIC Sunday Service that was held today at the UFIC Basilica in Chitungwiza.

Speaking to thousands of people that had thronged the Basilica for the Prophetic Service, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa gave reference to certain cases of pedophiles that preyed on young children and he advised parents not to neglect their children.

“Parents, spend time with your children,” the man of God; Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa said.
“If they are in pain, they must be free to speak to you. They are very important people and they need our protection.”

He went on to highlight the importance of family bonding between children and parents and he encouraged parents to pay extra attention when their children try to reach out to them.

“When your children try to speak to you, even if you are in a hurry, put your bag down, put your phone down. Listen to what they are saying. They don’t speak your language, they speak their own language. There might be something happening behind your back. Let us pay attention to what is happening around us.”

Still on the case of abuse, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa addressed the issue of emotional and physical abuse that even adults are falling victim and he encouraged the church never to tolerate any form of abuse.

“Nowadays abuse is everywhere, even in the church. If you are a child of God; that doesn’t mean you have to be abused. It is not right. Honestly, I cannot stand abuse. I don’t like abuse in whatever form. Never tolerate abuse. There must always be that respect that we should give to each other.”

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa also highlighted the importance of reporting every case of abuse to the Police and responsible authorities so that the victims can get professional help and be protected.

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