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Instant Healing Miracles During UFIC Sunday Service

God touched and transformed the lives of His people on the 28th of October 2018 during the UFIC Sunday Service through the hands of His Servant; Emmanuel Makandiwa; breaking yokes of sickness and diseases, ushering people into Divine health and healing.

After delivering a profound teaching on how Jesus is the ultimate level of power which makes him greater than any situation, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa called for people who were in need of the healing touch of God in their lives.

“Jesus is the expression of the Father’s love,” the man of God said as he was addressing the thousands of people who were in attendance.

“If Jesus doesn’t heal them, who else will heal them” he added, referring to the people who were suffering from different ailments and afflictions.

The love of God was made manifest through the amazing instantaneous miracles that took place soon after the man of God; Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa ministered to the sick folk.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa addressed various cases and situations – people who suffered from auto-immune diseases, high blood pressure, cancer, allergies, fibroids, diabetes, arthritis and many other aliments.

One case which was presented before the man of God; Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa was that of a gentleman who had been diagnosed of kidney stones. Due to his condition, this man had been admitted in the hospital for three days and he had to increase the normal dosage of painkillers that he used to take just to suppress the pain. Soon after Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa ministered to him, he was free from all the pain he was suffering from and he began to run and to jump!

Another case was that of a young man who had neck spasm after he had carried a heavy load for a long time. He could not twist his neck normally and it was fixed in one position for more than 24 hours. As his case was being presented before the man of God, tears rolled down his cheeks showing the high levels of pain and discomfort he was experiencing. The man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa ministered and instantly, he was able to twist normally and he was no longer in pain!

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa also ministered deliverance to a number of people who under demonic oppression, setting them free from the shackles of the enemy. He also ministered deliverance to certain individuals who were suffering from drug and alcohol addictions.

Part of the people who received healing miracles was a man who had a huge ulcer on his right leg for 5 months that was not healing. Due to this condition, he could not put pressure on his leg and he had to walk with a limb because of the pain. The man of God; Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa ministered the healing power of God to him and instantly, he began to walk properly without any pain!

The healing power of God touched many lives through the ministration of the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa and they were healed from their ailments.

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