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Updated: Jan 7

“Never Allow The Devil To Make You An Intercessor!” - Excerpt From Emmanuel Makandiwa on Peacemaking

During his sermon on Sunday, the 30th of September 2018, Prophet Emmanuel took some time to shed light on the issue of prayer in relation to the life of a Christian Believer.To boost

“Some of you are praying out of ignorance. Some of your prayers are simply a waste of your time and energy, especially when you ask God to do something that He has already done. You could have been doing something productive.

“Never, through prayer, can you convince God to do something that He has already done. You can pray and wait but it will not come because it is already there.”

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa added, “I’m helping you now to reserve certain prayers. It may sound funny but I believe there is need for God to walk into certain prayer closets and declare peace so that some people stop praying. There is a lot of violence happening in prayer rooms.

“Don’t always pray as a response to the works of the devil. Never let the devil make you an intercessor.

“Personally, I have things that I look at and I know the devil wants me to pray about them but I then do not pray because I do not respond to his actions. I am not led by His actions but by the Spirit of God!”

“Be careful not to ask God to do what He has already done.”

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