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“TO BE SEEN AND TO BE HEARD” – Ruth Makandiwa Hosts a Social Gathering For Young G

The cry of the Girl Child has always been to be seen, heard, understood, appreciated and empowered. In a drive to mold a relevant, significant and influential generation of Girls, Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa hosted the much-awaited Girls Social Gathering on the 29th of December 2022 at the Life Haven Sanctuary. This was an opportunity for the junior and senior Girls to mix and mingle with their peers as well as have an open, interesting and engaging interaction as a group.

The program included Study Tips from those that have passed with flying colors in their studies as well as Success Stories from those that are currently making it while building their businesses. Varied subjects were part of the discussion including matters that many shy away from in the public eye.

In a social media post on her platforms, Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa wrote, “Being amongst these Girls is like having a glimpse of the future; their level of intelligence and confidence is worth being mentioned. I believe this is an informed and inspired generation that needs to be steered in the right course for them to manifest their greatness.”

Our meeting was fruitful with a huge turn out and it gave us more insight on how to guide the Girls, so they also remain grounded as the light of the world upholding their moral standards and values as children of God. Of course, to make the day more social the Girls enjoyed their meals together as they met new friends and built new connections.

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