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Prophet Victor-Kusi Boateng officially opened the UFIC Basilica on Sunday the 9th of April 2023 in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe.

“What we are doing here is more spiritual than we can possibly assume in the physical realm.” Prophet Victor-Kusi Boateng said.

“The opportunity to build a house for God is a blessing,” he said as he applauded Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa for fulfilling the vision of building a House for God.

“This is not just a building but an altar that will speak for you, speak for your children, speak for your children’s children.” he declared to them.

In his dedication prayer, he said,

“We declare that this building is no more the building of man, but we declare it the residence of the Spirit!

“This is a place of deliverance and a place of breakthrough!” he said as he prayed.

After the ribbon-cutting, Prophet Victor-Kusi Boateng revealed the building plaque.

“I, as a servant of God… and also being the Father of Emmanuel Makandiwa, and Ruth,

I officially open this plaque and this house

In the name of the Father, and The Son and The Holy Spirit.”

Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa built this 30 000-seater mega auditorium to be a place of worship to all Christian believers of all nations.

Also present at the opening ceremony was the

Ambassador of Ghana to Zimbabwe, His Excellency Alexander Grant Ntrakwa, several government officials and international statesmen, clergymen, captains of industry, UFIC Pastors and tens of thousands of congregants.

Prophet Victor-Kusi Boateng had initially officiated the ground-breaking ceremony in October 2011, where he made prophetic declarations over the place. He declared that;

– it was going to be a place of worship where people were going to receive their answers and healing,

-from the North to the South and from the East to the West, the rejected were going to be accepted,

– the numbers were never going to go down and the opposite of that was going to happen; the place was going to become too small to contain the people.

And as exactly as the Prophet of God, Prophet Victor-Kusi Boateng had prophesied, indeed the place was too small to contain the people. The main auditorium and five overflow tents were filled to capacity and there was even a spillover of people in the overflow tents, as the place could not contain the people.

It was more than just an official opening; it was a fulfillment of prophecy and a beginning of greater things to come!

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