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#UFICInRetrospect - Life Crusades (October 2015)

As September 2015 bid farewell, October 2015 sprung forth like ripe corn, accompanied by a great harvest. Both months stood as pillars supporting a spiritual movement that had been birthed by a man and a woman who are after God's own heart; Prophet Emmanuel and Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa.

Prophet Emmanuel and Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa, with the UFIC Evangelism department, held crusades in towns in Harare from the 1st to the 10th of October 2015 and the wave of crusades started in Highfield, moved to Mbare and then ended in Mabvuku.

The Life Crusades stood not only as spiritual movements, but also as spiritual campaigns held in favor of social and spiritual transformation in the lives God's children. With his messages mainly centered on righteousness and reconciliation with God, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa shared with the masses the importance of having Christ as a personal Savior.

The word of God was like a double edged sword; cutting its way right into the innermost parts of the lives of the people and a great harvest was realized. The Highfiled crusade, which was held from the 1st up till the 3rd of October, 2015 at the Zimbabwe Grounds attracted an average of 52 00 people each service and at the end of the 3-day crusade, over 8 000 people had given their lives to Christ.

The Mbare crusade, which was held from the 5th to the 7th of October 2015 had an overwhelming attendance of 70 000 people per each service which were held at the Chishawasha grounds and at the end of the 3-day crusade, over 17 000 people had given their lives to Christ.

The Mabvuku crusade which was held at the Number 1 Grounds had an attendance of 47 000 people on the first day of the 3-day conference and on that very day, over 5 000people gave their lives to Christ.

The magnitude at which the power of God moved in all of the crusades was immeasurable; its weight so great that no known scale could lay down its measurements. People with different ailments were healed; some even received their healing before the man of God started preaching.

The way the word of God projected from Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa exhibited the great passion he has for soul winning and the aftermath were countless miracles. His preaching convinced the hundreds of thousands of people that there is a God in heaven. Some sick folk were healed without the man of laying his hand on them or praying for them.

After preaching in all of the services, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa took time to pray for people; laying his hands upon every new convert that had responded to the altar call; addressing cases like barrenness and poverty, the demon of prostitution, homosexuality and people who had committed some heinous crimes like murder, but what made the eyebrows of the unbelievers to arch was when Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa ministered deliverance to the people who had serious addictions to smoking, drugs and alcohol.

Before the prayer of the man of God, the addicts took the substances that they were addicted to, without any hiccup, but after the prayer of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, they could no longer take intoxicating drinks and drugs. Some began vomiting; others became so weak and could not stand, talking less of walking. The power of God was so heavy upon them to the extent that they could not do what they could do before and they were delivered.

Despite the large numbers, the crusades flowed smoothly and there were no stampedes or violence at the crusades. A great harvest was realized in the kingdom of God through the ministration of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and in those nine life-changing days, historical marks were left in both the spiritual and physical world.

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