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"What Do You Have In Your House?" Excerpt from Emmanuel Makandiwa on Peacemakers

Speaking to thousands of UFIC members gathered at the Harare City Sports Centre on the 14th of October 2018, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa on how God works with what one has in their hands.

"(2 Kings 2 vs. 19)The men of the city submitted their situation before Elisha and they said, the city is beautiful but the water is bitter. They wanted Elisha to heal the waters because the Spirit of Elijah that was upon Elijah could do something about the water.

"(2 Kings 4 vs. 1)When Elisha got to Samaria, a widow of the sons of the Prophet presented her case before him. She went to Elisha because she expected the Spirit of Elijah that was upon Elisha to do something about her situation.

"But before Elisha could do anything, the lady had to cry.

"(vs. 2a) “…What shall I do for thee…?” What Elisha was simply asking from this woman is direction and permission.

"(vs 2b.) “…What hast thou in the house?...” The Prophet is always going to use what you have. (Exodus 4 vs. 2)That is the reason why God asked Moses, What to you have in your hand? And Moses said, a rod.

"You are going to perform miracles and wonders with what you have in your hands!"

See store for the full sermon.

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