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"Beautiful, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” – Ruth Makandiwa Celebrates Women

In celebrating #WomensMonth, Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa encouraged the church to celebrate women for the great work that they do in the Body of Christ and in the community.

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“We are in March. It is our Month as ladies,” she said as she addressed UFIC congregants, “A month to celebrate and recognize the amazing contributions of women in our society, our community and even our church.”

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After leading the whole church to give a standing ovation to all the women that were present, she expressed her gratitude to God for creating and blessing the world with women who are the pillars of homes, societies and communities.

“We thank God because He gave us women; our Mothers, who pray for us. They do a lot for us and let us celebrate them.” She said.

Over the years, Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa has been advocating for the empowerment of women and young girls through different initiatives and programs. Through the Agape Family Care Skills Training program, she has facilitated for the training of hundreds of women in skills that have helped them to be entrepreneurs and start their own businesses. The Femme De Substance is also one of the numerous initiatives through which she has given women a platform to be equipped into becoming independent financially through the development of their businesses and skills. The #GirlChildSheCan Campaign is also one of the initiatives that Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa has positively impacted the lives of young girls in rural and remote areas.

“Happy Women’s Month to all the Ladies – beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made!”

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