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"Cast All Your Burdens Unto God" - Emmanuel Makandiwa

The man of God, Emmanuel Makandiwa gave hope and reassurance as he exhorted thousands of UFIC congregants that were converged at the Harare City Sports Centre for the UFIC Sunday service yesterday.

“I want to encourage you...It may seem like this today but the God we serve is not limited by time; He is not limited by what limits us. For with God, nothing is impossible! ”You will rise again! Our nation will rise again!”

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa went on to encourage the UFIC congregants to focus more on self-development and to work hard in pursuing their personal dreams and goals.

“God is about to introduce a new season in our nation and the devil cannot do anything because this is our season.”

Addressing the issue of emotional pain and stress, the man of God Emmanuel Makandiwa encouraged the masses to cast their burdens unto God and surrender everything to Him.

“Some of you have through times where you felt like God is not there…you need to learn to surrender to the Lord. The things that you have tried and failed, hand them over to the Lord. Cast all your burdens unto the Lord. “

The man of God added, ”Crying might not help and sometimes even praying against it might not help because there are times when God expects us not to pray against certain things but hand it all over to Him.

“Don’t take ownership of that problem. God is able to carry it on your behalf. “It takes God less that a second to pick you up from where you are to a totally new different place and you won’t be able to understand it because He is a miracle-working God!”
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