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God Answered Our Cry At Life Haven - The Chandiringa's Testimony

Below is Mr. Whatmore and Mrs. Glorious Chandiringa's testimony of how God touched their lives through the ministration of Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa.

I got married to my wife; Glorious, in August of 2015 in Harare and we moved in together to stay in Bindura because at that time I had contracts as a temporary teacher at a number of schools. After my contracts were terminated, I got another job in 2016 at another school but after the second term, my contract was never renewed and I became jobless.

All this while since we got married, we had been trying to have a baby but nothing was in our favor.

After I lost my second job, life became very difficult for me and my wife as a young couple that didn’t have any source of income. And due to this, we had to move from Bindura to Nyatsime in Chitungwiza to stay with one of our relatives.

I had to start doing gardening in Nyatsime and other piece jobs in Epworth to ease the pressure on finding food for me and my wife to live.

I remember it came a time when we had only $10 left with us and nothing good was promising. I then approached a relative of mine who knew my condition and I asked him to help me by giving me some of the phone accessories he was stocking (at that time he was selling cellphone accessories) and I proposed to sell the accessories in Bindura. After some negotiations with one of his business colleagues, I finally got the phone accessories worth $60 USD.

I would sell the accesories and sleep over at my nephew's place in Bindura so that I could sell the morrow and then come back to Harare to refurnish my stock and see my wife. At this time, my wife was now pregnant but in September 2016, an unfortunate incident occurred.

It was on a Tuesday, the 20th of September 2016 when I received a phone call, after I had finished my business as usual, that my wife was in labor and I had to rush back home. I got home whilst she was being ferried to the hospital by a neighbor and she delivered a still birth at around 2 am that night.

We were shocked and demotivated but as a couple as this pregnancy was something that we were looking forward to for a very long time.

I and my wife then decided to go back to Bindura in October 2016 and sell as opposed to the way I used to do of travelling to and fro Bindura on a daily basis. We moved back and started selling in the streets and later we managed to get selling space in a shop. We were a bit independent but it wasn't a life that we cherished. But we managed to attend every UFIC church service and our souls were always revived.

In early 2017, we learnt about Life Haven. We really wanted to go but our finances where not in a good place. I and my wife then discussed in agreement that we were going to sell the stock in our business and go to Life Haven. It was a very audacious feat for us because this cell phone business was the only source of income we had but my wife remained tenacious, encouraging me and we finally managed to book in for Life Haven.

That is when Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa spoke of the vision that he saw, in which he was at the Life Haven chapel where he saw three angels; one at the left side, one at the right side and one at the center. He emphasized that as he was speaking the angels were in the chapel, standing in those positions that he saw in the vision. He added that these angels were holding baskets in their hands; one of gold standing for financial deliverance, one of silver standing for war and deliverance and one covered with white cotton standing for health. Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa said these angels had come to collect the prayer requests of the saints.

During the session, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa looked in the direction where my wife was seated and said to my wife, "My sister, are you married?", and she said, "Yes". He further on asked, "Where is your Husband?" And then I stood up.

The man of God then said, "I am hearing the cry of a baby or the cry for a baby; I don't know what exactly is it but I am hearing the cry". This prophecy confirmed the situation that we were in. Ever since we got married in 2015, we had no child and it was our cry to have a baby.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa called us upfront and instructed us to stand at a certain place in the chapel. Surprisingly, we later on realized that he had made us stand at the exact place where he had said the Angel holding a basket covered with white cotton resembling health, was positioned at.

We stood there for some time and the man of God instructed the whole church to pray. He later instructed us to join the rest of the saints without even touching our heads or any further word except the cry that he heard.

We went back home on the 21st of May 2017 and 3 days after the Life Haven experience, which was the 24th of May 2018, my wife tested positive after a pregnancy test.

Finally, our cry was answered by this pregnancy for us. The pregnancy was a big joy for me and my wife; she had no complications at all from the conception of the pregnancy up to, and even during delivery on January the 30th of 2018.

Jonathan Takudzwa Chandiringa (baby in the picture) was born confirming the miracle we received at Life Haven Sanctuary!

Indeed the word delivered, and we have a product of the word in our house, a living testimony – our son Jonathan.

After our visit to Life Haven, many things in our life came into shape for we were struggling before. I was called for an interview and got a job. We also got a big boost in our business that we had shut down before going to Life Haven. We are now in a good shop and we are now selling the accessories on an improved scale with up-to-standard displays.

We are forever thankful to God Almighty for the blessing of a man and a woman, who are the only Prophets we know, Prophet Emmanuel and Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa. May the love you showed us, the love of Jesus Christ forever keep you soaring higher and higher!

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