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Homefield Centre/ZimCare Trust Receives a Grinding Mill Donation from Agape Family Care

Joy, excitement and hope – these are the three words that best describe the faces of the residents at Homefield Centre, on the day that they received a donation from the Agape Family Care.

The 15th of September 2023 was a special day for Homefield Centre, which was established in 1964 to cater for the care and education of intellectually challenged individuals. With hand-held flower reeds in their hands, a welcome party made up of the residents received the AFC delegation at the gate, and escorted them, expressing their joy and excitement through songs and the waving of their hand-held flower reeds, which signified peace, love and appreciation.

They were overwhelmed by the gesture of love they received from Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa, through the AFC Institutions Support Program.

As it is her custom every year, Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa celebrated her birthday with Homefield Centre by extending the love of God to them, to help in the smooth running of the institution and the care of residents.

The donation comprised of a huge grocery hamper that had tons of maize meal as well as multiple Cartons of Cooking oil, Sugar, Flour, Rice, Sugar beans, Juice, Bananas , Salt, Peanut butter, Tea bags, Spaghetti, Milk powder, Toothpaste, Bath soap, Vaseline and Toilet paper. Other items included a 25L Tea urn, bath towels, Blankets, Sanitary wear and Dignity kits (for the ladies).

On top of this, she also donated a Grinding Mill to the institution that they can start as an income-generating project.

Homefield currently has 69 residents with a staff complement of 32 workers.

“We want to thank Mom Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa for this donation. It means a lot us, since we have about 32 social welfare cases, which means those residents who do not have parents to pay fees for them and rely on social welfare.” Mrs Musole Ndhlovu, the Administrator of Homefields said.

Highlighting some of the challenges they are facing as an institution, she mentioned that this donation will go a long way in providing a balanced diet for the residents.

“The grinding mill will help us to generate funds for the Centre.” She said.

Homefield Centre is under ZimCare Trust, which is a P.V.O registered under the Social Welfare ministry.

“As an organization, we are grateful for the donation you have given to Homefield Centre.” Ms Chipo Marufu, the Administrator for ZimCare Trust said.

“Your generosity means everything to us and the community that we serve of intellectually challenged persons in Zimbabwe.”

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