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#UFICInRetrospect - Judgment Night: A Monumental Christian Gathering

Since the beginning of Time, it has been proven beyond any reason of doubt that all Power in the universe belongs to God Almighty; He sits on the highest thrones and He is the Greatest Judge of all time.

In the same manner that He delivered the children of Israel from the Egyptian yoke of slavery and bondage, God; through His servant Emmanuel Makandiwa, introduced a one-day conference where His judgment echoed from the corridors of power in Heaven unto every demonic system that enslaved His children, a one-day conference where people had an unforgettable Supernatural experience, a one-day conference that shook the foundations of the kingdom of the enemy – Judgment Night.

Each of the four editions of this monumental culminated into monumental events that redefined the church history in Zimbabwe as God did a new thing in the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people that attended all the four editions of Judgment Night.

The Crowds

It ceased to be a common thing for church conferences to attract a fairly small group of people whereas recreational and entertainment events attracted large crowds, filling up spaces and stadiums whereas the church would only fill up halls and smaller venues.

By introducing Judgment Night, Emmanuel Makandiwa set a new standard in religious circles of Zimbabwe. For the first time in the nation of Zimbabwe, the National Sports Stadium was filled to capacity for a religious event, which happened to be Judgment Night. Tens of thousands of people that thronged the National Sports Stadium for the first Judgment Night were indeed a sign that it was a new and great thing that was being done in the nation of Zimbabwe.

Being the biggest annual Christian gathering in the nation of Zimbabwe from 2011 to 2016, Judgment Night 3 attracted people from all over Zimbabwe. Every city in Zimbabwe was represented because people came from all walks of life to be part of this great gathering.

In all the editions of Judgment Night, people started arriving at the venue 24 hours before the kick-off time, some even sleeping there. Such levels of expectation and hunger could only mean that these people were sure and confident that God was going to touch their lives through His servant; Emmanuel Makandiwa.

The Atmosphere

One might wonder; what really drove all theses tens of thousands of people from the comfort of their homes to this conference but for those who had an opportunity to attend at least one of the Judgment Night conferences, they can attest that the atmosphere at all the Judgment Night Conferences was saturated by the undeniable of the Divine.

If the presence of God was like an ocean and the anointing like tides, then all the Judgment Nights would have gone down in to the books of history as a day where hundreds of thousands of people drowned and failed to swim ashore.

A beautiful fabric of music made of interwoven genres, instruments and voices was presented, in high spirit of praise and worship, before the Lord Almighty at all the Judgment Nights. South Africa’s gospel superstars Deborah Fraser and Hlengiwe Mhlaba are some of the international gospel musicians that performed at some of the Judgment Night events.

As people celebrated and shouted for joy during the ministration of Emmanuel Makandiwa, it was truly evident that a conducive atmosphere for the power of God to flow unhindered had been which resulted in a miracle galore.

A Major Tourist Attraction

Thousands of International Visitors came traveled to Zimbabwe for this memorable night. People traveled from South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, Lesotho, Namibia, Ethiopia and many other countries within the African continent. Some came from as far as Australia, Scotland, United States of America, Canada and others came from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, France, China and many other European and Asian countries. It was night where almost every race and tribe was represented in the city of Harare, Zimbabwe.

Not only did Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa minister to the local people of Zimbabwe; he ministered to other nations and countries.

After Judgment Night 2, The Zimbabwe Ministry of Tourism endorsed Judgment Night as a major tourist attraction due to the huge number of foreigners that came into the country for these events.

The Prophetic

Through Emmanuel Makandiwa’s Prophetic office, certain individuals who were prophetically handpicked from the masses received divine insight concerning hidden secrets in their lives and the man of God articulated God’s mind towards their lives.

During Judgment Night 3, Emmanuel Makandiwa also delivered prophecies concerning the nation of Zimbabwe. In one of the prophecies, he explained on how God took him to a certain place and he saw oil reserves in the nation of Zimbabwe.

“I saw something happening here and I am trying to see how it is going to be understood. I will tell you the place,’ said Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa during the proceedings of Judgment Night 3.”

‘If you have heard a joke before in the same area, this is not a joke’ said Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa as he emphasized the importance of the prophecy he was giving concerning the nation of Zimbabwe.

“I am seeing oil coming out of our grounds here. Just in case you think I am guessing, I will tell you the place that no one knows about so you know in this nation there is a prophet from God.”

He then delved deeper into the prophecy and he said, “I was taken by the spirit of the Lord and we did a survey. You see when you are taken up in the spirit and you look down and you begin to see places that were far away from each other getting closer and closer to each other. The more altitude you take, you see everything becoming one.

“I saw in the spirit, our forefathers spending a lot of money looking for this precious oil I have mentioned. But I saw them in the spirit and I saw like a diversion, I saw our fathers following a very big river. They were following a very big river.”

The further on explained to the audience was already celebrating and at the same time, hungry for finer detail, “And from the skies I looked down and I saw them, they were following a big river. The Lord said to me, are they going to find it? If they find it, is it enough for the problems that you have. I kept on looking and the lord said to me, they can continue but let me take you to the place. And he said to me, I will take you to the place and when I was taken to the place, I saw the sons of the fathers mining in a different place.

”I saw a generation maybe that’s not your generation. Maybe the next generation. Maybe it is your sons, I saw them in a place. I saw oil coming out of that place and what I saw in that place; I was made to touch the ground and when I was finally lifted from the place, there was oil all over my body. And the Lord said to me, there is much of it in this place. But did I see you there or your sons out there, or I saw your sons? But I saw the place, I saw the place. I saw the place.”

He further on explained, “Like the way you are blowing those things' (vuvuzelas) I saw machines in that place and these machines were very huge and they had pipes like an elephant going into the ground and machines were all over the place. The machines were very big wit structures like elephants and they were sucking oil form the ground”

The inaugural Judgement Night ran with the theme “Exodus 12”, the second and third Judgment Night were dubbed “A Night were power Meets POWER” and the last one ran with the theme “The Sentence" and in all these four glorious nights, the themes came to life as God; the Sovereign and Almighty King, passed His Judgment.

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