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#UFICYouthCamp19 Fellowship In A Fun, Godly Environment

This year's UFIC Youth Camp was packaged in a way that made all the participants to be excited and engaged throughout the days of the camp meeting. Not only did the thousands of young people partake of wisdom-filled sessions, they also had ample time and chance to relax, have fun and be young in presence of God, away from the pressures of their day-to-day schedules.

At the centre of the Camping site was a sporting area where the young people engaged in different sporting areas. On every single day of the Camp Meeting, the youths had an opportunity to participate and play in sports and games. Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball, Netball and chess were some of the sports that the young people took part in during the Camp Meeting. Orel Play had a Pavilion were different gaming activities were set up, which included Pool and video games.

Apart from sports, there were places set up were the young people take group photos as they mingled and had fun. The UFIC Victorious Ladies Department had a beauty Spa which was set up were the youths were treated to foot massages, manicures, pedicures amongst other things.

During the camp, Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa took some time to visit the different sporting activities as the young people played and had fun in the presence of God.

Some of the UFIC Assemblies had teams for some of the sporting activities and each and every one of the youths who had a passion for sports had a chance play with other youths from different areas and UFIC branches.

The beauty of Christian fellowship was brought to life during the UFIC Youth Camp 2019. Some youths would form sports teams with other youths from different areas, that they didn't know, all of them being brought together and fellowshipping as one, big united family.

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